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A House meant only for Summer: Haibun of Cherie Hunter Day


“This collection is a revelation. In Day’s haibun, the terrain of the natural world is vividly and precisely rendered, with details unerringly chosen to reveal the emotional terrain that lies beneath. Nothing is vague or superfluous. It cracks you open a little bit to read about “the touch, touch, touch of a bud scar” or “the worn flight feather of a crow” — you realize suddenly you haven’t been looking closely enough, at anything, and you want to live it all over again to discover what you missed the first time.”
—Melissa Allen


“Cherie Hunter Day’s A House meant only for Summer is a tour de force of form, embodied knowledge, and deep emotional investigation. Day creates a cosmology reaching from microcosm — “the soft porn of orange instars”, to macrocosm — “rite of passage/ repurposing/ the moon”. Each piece is charged with precise, revelatory perception: “sunset red the wavelengths closest to darkness”, “the autumn air smells acrid and dank like millipedes”, “scrub jays toggle blue in sunlight”. The haibun reveal a sense of “measure” in every sense of the word: musical and mathematical, but with a ‘mathematics’ of keen sensory calculation that employs hand and eye to provide coordinates of emotional breakthrough: “Dust returns to dust. Everything is rounded up to the nearest whole number…”, “Five floors up and tee shirts, scarves, and jeans become prayer flags”. These haibun heighten experience through language the way the Web telescope captures infrared dreamscapes of star nurseries.”
—Judson Evans

Alder, Apple, Elm

and hickory are all sharp-tongued trees. Plush moths keep the conversation brief. A guidebook provides the dot-dash descriptions of these shadow eaters. They have common names like Abrupt Brother and Unknown Dagger as they work the low light fizzle of dusk. Appetite and the fierce instruction come from the long-buried script. Turn away from the sex show: the quiver and shimmy during the touch, touch, touch of a bud scar.

skinny dipping . . .
moths drawn to
the boathouse lights

ISBN: 978-1-958408-34-6
Pages: 80
Size: 6″ x 9″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2023

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