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Busted!: Reflections on Police Life


Prepare to be arrested by Tim Roberts’s bold, graphic and gut-wrenching haiku memoir of his former life in law enforcement . . .


“A life of serving the public within a police force and at the forefront of defending and protecting the peace is not for everyone. These poems show various aspects of that decision and the almost daily beyond bravery . . . chasing suspects through ancient echoes of cobbled streets, these are gun-in-waistband poems where moonlit cuffed men often dangle. A powerful collection though not for the faint-hearted!”

— Alan Summers, founder, Call of the Page

first brawl
leaping from the police van
sound of a dropped kebab

cobbled streets
chasing suspects
through ancient echoes

stag party stragglers
different songs
at the same time

walking through the crowd
into the face
of a cop killer

ISBN: 978-1-958408-11-7
Pages: 118
Size: 4.25″ x 6.5″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2023

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