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ea’s e: Haiku of Scott Metz


“Reading through this collection it is difficult to keep in mind that this is the work of a single poet rather than an anthology of contemporary short poetry. Metz is easily the most creative of the poets working at the interface of haiku and minimalist poetry. This book could serve as a primer of what is possible to do in the short poem. I was blown away.” — Lee Gurga (editor, Modern Haiku Press)

“Writing at the confluence of traditions of global haiku and experimental, minimalist poetry in the line of Creeley, Grenier and Dworkin, Metz conjures inspiringly strange, new forms of utterance: poetic spells that work their magic without wishing themselves — as fractured, material text — away. In an epigraph, Metz quotes Grenier asking, “Is it a long poem if you look at it long enough?” The textured poems in this book indeed reward “long” looks, often drawing us deeply into reflections on private and public (but always personal) themes, ranging from “corp/orate/contami/nation” to childhood innocence. Metz’s earlier, ground-breaking work in lakes & now wolves (2012) comes to fuller fruition in this exciting and substantial collection of genuinely exploratory short-form poetry.”   — Philip Rowland (editor, NOON: An Anthology of Short Poems; coeditor, Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years)

Over the past ten years Scott Metz has created an astonishing book that turns the act of reading inside out. His poems work on the reader; through unsettling syntax and scoring akin to musical notation, he makes us look and look again until we reach something there all along: the world. His bounding wolves of a decade ago make an even greater leap here, and they are still in the air. ”   — John Martone

“This collection will be the landmark for leading-edge work for years to come. A treasure.”   — George Swede (co-founder, Haiku Canada; former editor, Frogpond)



of the sea




the                        pine

 ’s                    thought

. Ga
      . La
         . After g
. A
  lax. Yo

   f. A
            ut. U
mn. Li
        ght. Tr
             ter. S

ISBN: 978-94-90607-95-1
Pages: 210
Size: 6″ x 9″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2022

“To write poetry is to struggle against the inadequacy of language to express precisely what we intend. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we get close. Metz shows us how a brilliant mind grapples with that endeavor. I have little doubt his work will inspire others to take risks, to expand their range, to play with all the elements of written language, and to do so with a willingness to be vulnerable and open.”

— Susan Antolin, editor of Acorn
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“Thoughts about nature, gods, and grammar are yoked to the subjective lens of experience. Metz’s work reads like a history of humankind, where he both observes and creates the story of human entanglement with nature. Objectivity is impossible; the act of observation is an act of creation, and destruction—or deconstruction—is essential to it.”

— Pippa Phillips
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“The end result is a rare thing — a collection of poems that will be pored over, discussed and debated long after any of our lifetimes. It’s a ground-breaking work and, in a sense, it functions as a manifesto, urging us to write poems that reflect the reality of life in our particular moment. The collection will influence a generation of writers.”

— Alan Peat (Blithe Spirit: Journal of the British Haiku Society 33.1)

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