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Favorite Haiku, and Other Collected Essays, by H. F. “Tom” Noyes



H. F. “Tom” Noyes was a mainstay of the early English-language haiku community. His “Favorite Haiku” pieces, published in several of the major dedicated haiku journals, were highly anticipated events, and having a poem selected to appear in one was considered one of the highest honors of the times. This volume gathers all 5 volumes of Favorite Haiku essays Tom published with Red Moon Press at the end of last century, and remain as timely and informative as they did then. These brief essays are a short course in how to read and appreciate haiku, and the gentle and humane approach that was Tom’s forte never goes out of style.

A shop window —
   rare seashells
      without their souls
               — Virginia Egermeier

Occasionally a haiku illustrates a special kind of spontaneous beauty, of both insight and language, its freshness deriving from the unconscious as from a wilderness spring. James Joyce, referring to what he termed an epiphany, states that the “soul” of a thing — its “whatness” — “leaps to us from the vestment of its appearance.” In Egermeier’s haiku we are attuned to the souls of seashells, uncannily, by their very absence.

ISBN: 978-1-947271-81-4
Pages: 286
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