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Longevity: haibun of Richard Grahn


“Richard Grahn’s grandmother, Helen, is the inspirational force behind this touching haibun collection. Her warmth, spirit, and wisdom shimmer throughout in the pieces containing memories of Grahn’s journey from boyhood to the present. His eclectic style is a welcome addition to my bookshelf.”
— Ray Rasmussen


“Some writers entertain you. Some touch the heart. In Longevity, writer, sculptor, and musician Richard Grahn cracks a window on love, remembrance, and life in all its glorious and messy forms, spilling the light as he goes. A must-have collection that satisfies even while it leaves the reader wanting more.”

— Rebecca Drouilhet, Moderator, Inkstone Poetry Forum

Battle Cry

I tilt my head left to right to left, then forward and back to forward. Roll it around. Shrug my shoulders down, then up, down, then up. Fingers squeeze, stretch, squeeze, stretch. Rotate wrists — bend at the knees, bend, stand and bend. Now at the waist, touch my toes, breathing in, breathing out. Shake it, shake it. Put on some jazz — the needle in the groove popping and crackling.

I settle in at my desk.

The pen is mightier . . . it’s so proclaimed. I touch the keys and set out to prove it.

Worldwide Love
on the nightly news —
new species

ISBN: 978-1-958408-04-9
Pages: 80
Size: 6″ x 9″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2022


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