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raking leaves: haiku of Yu Chang


“In simple words, Chang describes the world around him. His kind eyes are on a tiger moth in the leaves or a bee among cherry blossoms. As an immigrant like Chang, I sail from river to river, listen to a bamboo flute, and sip miso soup with tofu. Turning pages, a reader will hear the gentle sound of soothing ocean waves. This is a gem.”
— Fay Aoyagi


“Yu Chang’s raking leaves sheds light on his compassion for his family, his friends, and a smile of kinship for bugs, birds, flowers, plants, and, small animals. This volume contains a rewarding range of his haiku; some older favorites mixed with many new poems. They invite the reader to join him in his life journey; where less is more and each poem celebrates being here now.”
— Tom Clausen

fallen leaf
another friend
for life

Earth Day
I join the birds
scattering seeds

cemetery gate
she let me
go first

an ironwood

ISBN: 978-1-958408-50-6
Pages: 104
Size: 4.25″ x 6.5″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2024

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