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SEA CHANGE: An Anthology of Single-Line Poems


“Who knew we needed a journal dedicated to testing and developing the one-line poem? Editors Kat Lehmann and Robin Smith, that’s who. And what an exciting display of whiptail’s first two years online this first anthology provides. Imagine a colorful assortment of firecrackers in a box—slender sizzlers taking off in a shower of compressed thought, imagistic surprises, and other aural and visual delights. Page by page, nothing distracts from the poetry, not even the name of the poet, that 4th (in this case 2nd) line, here removed to the back of the book. Read this anthology for the sheer variety in monoku craft. Read for the shared sensibilities of one-line tanka and other micro-poems. Above all, read for the wonder of what one small fuse can do.”

Michele Root-Bernstein
Author of Wind Rose and the award-winning Plainsong, both from Snapshot Press


“What if we were all given one line to render a poem naming what it means to be human? Some would come with the undomesticated disjunctions of haiku, and some could come with a micro-poem or words suggestive of a tanka — and some of us would free ourselves of the heavy cloaks of classifying that tell the story of a poem short of its truth. You will find here peacocks and doves and the diaphanous blues selected from issues 1-7 of whiptail. This anthology is a sea change, a second Shiki — a primer and a delight lifting the scales from our eyes. A deep bow for this collaboration.”
— Dan Schwerin, Author of the Touchstone Award-winning ORS, from Red Moon Press

beeline to 

          — Chuck Brickley

witching hour feeding my baby into the blackbird 

          — Meera Rehm

the warmth of whispers under covers midwinter 

          — Rich Schilling

while(the clouds turn into rain)the lily blooms 

          — Norma Bradley


          — Chad Lee Robinson

trying to excavate the owl from my father’s well of forgetfulness 

          — Jo Balistreri

ISBN: 978-1-951675-10-3
Pages: 106
Size: 8.25″ x 8.25″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2024

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