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A New Resonance 11: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, edited by Jim Kacian and Julie Warther


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The New Resonance haiku community continues to grow, now recognizing 185 members. These poets continue to appear in the major haiku journals and elsewhere, and their books have been accorded the honor of serious and adulatory review and critique. Many are recognized among the leaders of literary haiku in their respective countries and around the world. These seventeen new members to this rather exclusive confederacy, then, have a very high standard against which to measure themselves, but equally high expectations of their ultimate position in the haiku community. This is the eleventh volume in a much-awarded series.

     how easily you start over new moon
          — Debbi Antebi

          calling into my dream morning birds
               — Joseph Salvatore Aversano

     headland mist
     a curlew at the tip
     of a cry
          — Paul Chambers

          he brings flowers
          the same shade —
               — Terri L. French

     cicada husk
     the mark from my wedding ring
     already fading
          — Joshua Gage

          milkweed pod even if we fell in love
               — Brent Goodman

     family secrets
     a fly chooses
     the butter
          — Tia Haynes

          snow crocus 
          watching the way
          you watch me
               — Jessica Latham

     spring rain
     an old letter
     unfolded again
          — Anna Maris

          flowering bittersweet . . .
          the chances
          i did take
               — Elliot Nicely

     morning bus
     a happy face
     in the window fog
          — Jacquie Pearce

          a lifetime
          of grass in my hair
          prairie wind
               — Sandi Pray

     redwood grove . . .
     the parts of my life
     I leave unspoken
          — Sharon Pretti

          all that shines
          in a magpie’s nest . . .
          morning frost
               — Dave Read

     last rites —
     I watch her eyes
     let go of me
          — Hansha Teki

          morning moon —
          the half life
          of memory
               — Angela Terry

     slow descent —
     this sudden urge to share
     life stories
          — Lew Watts

ISBN: 978-1-947271-38-8
Pages: 176
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