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Adveniat, haiku of John Martone


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Adveniat has an austere quality (which much of your work does), and a feeling of verbal chiaroscuro, reminiscent of Vermeer’s handling of light. There are a variety of foci — religious intimation, personal and impersonal elements relating to others, and the evocation of a spartan, life, all of which intermingle in the context of the collection.
The traditional format lends a feeling of monastic simplicity — a quiet acceptance of an order in a world where there are other possibilities.
Though there are several standout poems, it is as an ensemble that they all work best — the best thing that can be said for any collection.

One thing at a time
I drive past rows of
Amish laundry

                    Snowbound fields
                    reaching out
                    I repeat myself

          I don’t know
          who’s cutting our names
          into the headstone

ISBN: 978-1-947271-21-0
Pages: 88
Size: 4.25" x 6.5"
Binding: perfect softbound

This reprinted edition may vary slightly in format, but contains all the content of the original Red Moon Press edition.

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