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arrhythmia, haiku of Bruce H. Feingold


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arrhythmia documents parallel emotional and physical journeys: a climb to the Andean Sun Gate, a descent into the “unraveling of the republic,” and the physical “f(ailing)s” of a heart and the process of recovery. Vicissitudes and precious interludes from the natural, political and personal worlds combine to stunning effect. It is a rare occasion to find a collection of haiku & senryu such as this that is as moving and thought provoking.

          back home
          the mountain quiet
          in my poems

     rampike —
     medicine restarts
     my heart

               cherry blossoms
               I listen to my pulse
               for arrhythmias

ISBN: 978-1-947271-52-4
Pages: 66
Size: 4.25" x 6.5"
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2020

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