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Auschwitz e simili, holocaust haiku of Toni Piccini


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Toni Piccini has written other books before, but none of them has called to him like this one. Auschwitz e simili is a deep imagining, based on visits to this stalag, as well as extensive reading and research, of the lives led by million of people consigned to the stalags, those who were targeted by the policies enforced by the Nazi regime in the 1940s in Germany and elsewhere. Avoiding easy sentimentality, this is a deeply moving book, rendered by imagination and confirmed by fact, and brought close to home by the recent regrowth of the Nazi ideology. You will not find a more topical book of haiku anywhere. In Italian, with translations into English (Jim Kacian), Hebrew (Zinovy Vayman) and German (Dietmar Tauchner). Annotated.

          treno merci —
          un topo nell’angolo
          l’unico sopravvissuto

                              freight train —
                              a mouse in the corner
                              the only survivor

— עשמ תבכר
רניפב רבכע
דיחיה לוצינה

                    Güterzug —
                    die Maus in der Ecke
                    die einzige Überlebende


          una bambola di pezza
          con la stella di Davide —
          ora un’orfana

                              a ragdoll
                              with a star of David —
                              now an orphan

דב תבוב
דוד ןגמ םע
םוחי ושכע

                    die Stoffpuppe
                    mit dem Davidstern —
                    jetzt eine Waise


          delle due sorelle
          parlo con quella morta —
          l’eco delle pietre

                              of the two sisters
                              I talk with the dead one —
                              the echo of the stones

תויחא יתש
תמה םע רבדמ ינא
םירופס לש דה

                    von den beiden Schwestern
                    spreche ich mit der toten —
                    das Echo der Steine

ISBN: 978-1-947271-21-0
Pages: 104
Size: 5" x 7.5"
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