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change, haiku by Wim Lovfers



Wim Lovfers (1930-2007) was a physician who, after retirement, became a poet and publisher. He was known especially for his Radish series of 40 small volumes. From 1996-2002 he published Woodpecker, the most truly international haiku forum in the world at the time. He served four years as president of the Haiku Kring Nederland. His magnum opus was SOMS weet ik bet even (SOMETIMES for a moment I know), a collection of 650 haiku. He used haiku to reveal the coded messages he found in the phenomena surrounding him, yet his language is simple and clear, even as it evoked his philosophical convictions rooted in anthroposophy, Buddhism and zen.

ISBN: none
Pages: 24
Size: 4″ x 5.375″
Binding: saddlestapled softbound

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