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contemporary haibun volume 16: edited by Rich Youmans and the CH Staff



contemporary haibun is a series dedicated to the best haibun and haiga published each year in English around the world. ch16, returning after a 5-years hiatus, features 93 haibun and 36 full-color haiga.

“contemporary haibun has stood alone, for more than a decade, as the chief vehicle and bulwark of the burgeoning haibun movement in English. Without the vanguard role of this annual anthology, one might reasonably inquire how — and perhaps if — haibun would have survived.”
— Jeffrey Woodward
Editor, Haibun Today


In the meadow, a white egret spirals down, moves into the remaining sun, tucks one leg. The S of its neck folds, hiding a long yellow beak. Motionless for an hour. A coyote yips once in the distance. Suddenly its torso extends like a plump arrow, wings unfold, five flaps of lift and it is gone over the rooftops.

shakuhachi —
he hits the windy note
of ghosts

— Dyana Basist


First touch: tree branches entwining, amaranthus rippling in a breeze, dew drops clinging to buds, a cool creek caressing smooth pebbles, ocean waves pushing and pulling, a thousand fireflies lighting up a field, katydids droning long into the night, and the Milky Way revealed in the deep darkness, a gash spilling the most invisible stars into the sky . . . then calm. A calm lake lapping a soft sandy shore until dawn.

fiddleheads in moist soil
on a riverbank

— Agnes Eva Savich

ISBN: 978-1-947271-72-2
Pages: 158
Size: 5.25" x 8.25"
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2021

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