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Haiku as Life: A Kaneko Tohta Omnibus: Essays, an Interview, Commentaries and Haiku in Translation by the Kon Nichi Translation Group


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Winner of a Touchstone Distinguished Books Award 2019 from The Haiku Foundation!

Haiku as Life comprises a translated lecture, extensive interview (annotated), 80 years of haiku with commentary, and four essays from the translators. The Kon Nichi Translation Group broke ground when they offered 4 volumes dedicated to the life and work of Kaneko Tohta (1921 – 2018), the foremost Japanese haijin in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. Those 4 volumes — Ikimonofūei, The Future of Haiku, Selected Haiku, Volume 1: 1937 – 1960, and Selected Haiku, Volume 2: 1961 – 2012, all from Red Moon Press — have been gathered into a single volume, expanded and revised, including Kaneko’s final poems. This is the definitive exploration of Kaneko’s life and work in English.

The Kon Nichi Translation Group comprises Prof. Richard Gilbert (also editor-in-chief for this project); Prof. Masahiro Hori; Itō Yūki, Ph.D.; David Ostman, Ph.D.; Koun Franz, MFA; Tracy Franz, MFA; and Kanamitsu Takeyoshi, BA.

“Kaneko Tohta is relevant as a philosopher-poet of international stature whose work and thought place him in rarified company. His vision is eye-opening, accessible and refreshingly direct — you won’t find an ivory tower academic or idealogue here; instead, the raw power of a boxer, who can flatten you with a sentence, and idea. . . .”

— from the introduction

A National Book Award 2019 Nominee!

ISBN: 978-1-947271-40-1
Pages: 524
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: perfect softbound

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