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in the curves, haiku of Alan S Bridges


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Alan Bridges’ first full-length collection of English-language haiku was worth the wait, packed with the natural imagery we expect from the genre, but refreshed by a sense of narrative arc, a clean sense of language, and a profound insight into human nature. The debut we all wish to have.

“This is haiku at its finest, coalescing all that we do in life. Indeed, what can we ask of haiku but that they put us more deeply in touch with ourselves and each other? Bridges’ haiku do exactly that by stranding together his own moments of experience, a sharing of vulnerability that breeds empathy in the reader.”
— Michael Dylan Welch

“Stitching human activity to natural phenomena, then pulling the thread taut with exactly the right amount of tension, Bridges creates poems that you’re very unlikely to forget.”
— Carolyn Hall, Editor, Mariposa


towering cumulus
a farmer shifts his tractor
into neutral

                    slipping back into
                    the drawl he grew up with
                    Indian summer

          river stones
          disappear, reappear . . .
          pouring out his ashes

ISBN: 978-1-947271-56-2
Pages: 86
Size: 4.25″ x 6.5″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2020

Shortlisted for a 2020 Touchstone Distinguished Books Award by The Haiku Foundation!

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