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Murmuration, haiku by Michelle Tennison


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Murmuration is Michelle Tennison’s first full-length collection of haiku, but you would never know it. Her writing is assured, challenging, trusting, and ranges from graphic scene-setting to flights of imaginative pattern recognition. All of which fits her theme abundantly well — a murmuration is defined as “a flock of starlings,” but more broadly conceived is their seemingly random yet closely patterned flight, or that of any number of birds, fish, people. A read through Tennison’s volume will convince you of its ubiquity, beauty and necessity in our lives.

“Michelle Tennison’s poetry awakens all six senses. Utterly human and mystically resplendent, these poems reorient the dimensions of self, everyday space, and sentience. This is a book of delicate alchemy and dazzling percipience that reverberates beyond its pages.”

     her breath where a sea begins

          a rainbow ending
          in the ocean

ISBN: 978-1-936848-67-6
Pages: 82
Size: 4.25" x 6.5"
Binding: perfect softbound

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