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raking aside leaves, haiku by H. F. Noyes



H. F. “Tom” Noyes (1918–2010) was an American poet, editor, commentator and psychotherapist who made his home in Greece the final 40 years of his life. He is best known for his “favorite haiku” pieces (gathered into five volumes by Red Moon Press) but was also a prolific poet of haiku as well as other forms. His thoughts on the ethos of haiku have informed virtually everyone of the first two generations of ELH. This selection of 19 poems spans his 50 years of practice in the genre.

ISBN: none
Pages: 24
Size: 4″
x 5.375″
saddlestapled softbound

Sold Out, but find this and 24 other postscripts volumes gathered into Postscripts: Final Statements, due out in 2022!

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