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Sanguinella, haiku of Helen Buckingham


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Shortlisted for the Touchstone Distinguished Books Award 2017 by The Haiku Foundation!

Helen Buckingham says it herself: “Fifty-eight years since the seed was planted, Sanguinella provides a scrump back through the often bloody orchard that constitutes my life until now, from the rural pickings gathered over recent years in the bonsai city of Wells, to the tangled branches of a childhood spent battling various forms of blight in a mulberry-stained corner of South London.”

“Helen Buckingham has carved her own niche in the realm of contemporary English-language haiku. She seamlessly blends the personal with the political, giving us ‘replicants,’ hard-hitting images that deeply strike a chord. She is indeed far from being ‘on the safe side.’ Buckingham’s collection is a must-have for ardent lovers of Japanese short-forms.”

— Shloka Shankar

          sleep loss
          the stars begin
          to signal

         exam morning
      the rorschach test
       between her legs

ISBN: 978-1-947271-11-1
Pages: 80
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: perfect softbound

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