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Simple Gifts, haiku of Natalia Rudychev


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Shortlisted for the Touchstone Distinguished Books Award 2018 by The Haiku Foundation!

Natalia Rudychev’s first collection of haiku is soft, romantic, evocative and telling. It tends toward “psychological senryu” with a strong thematic emphasis on relationship. Also evident are the author’s many practices, including her photographs serving as section dividers. A strong first statement.

Natalia writes: “I transform echoes, images, memories, emotions and thoughts into the works of art. Words, photographs, brushstrokes and movements are just tools for making magic. Most of my publications and presentations resulted in collaborations and started beautiful friendships. And in Simple Gifts, Natalia’s first full-length collection of haiku, we get to see the fruition of some of these activities.

          a stepped-on flower
          slowly reshapes itself

     the world
     without you
     full of you

i wish i were ready
both eyes wide open
daruma doll

ISBN: 978-1-947271-24-1
Pages: 80
Size: 4.25" x 6.5"
Binding: perfect softbound

This reprinted edition may vary slightly in format, but contains all the content of the original Red Moon Press edition.

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