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Songs and Stories of The Kojiki, as retold by Yoko Danno


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The Kojiki is the oldest book extant in Japanese, completed in A.D. 712 by the high-ranking court official O no Yasumaro at imperial command. It is the “story” of the Yamato imperial family, beginning with the creation myth of the Land of Eight Islands through the development of the state that came to be known later as Nippon.

Yoko Danno has been writing poetry in English for decades, and her powerful reading and interpretation of these texts is second to none. As Jerome Rothenberg writes in his Poems and Poetics, “Yoko Danno’s Songs and Stories of the Kojiki is the first translation to capture the full sweep & ferocity of the Japanese original.”

ISBN: 978-1-936848-30-0
Pages: 182
Size: 5.75&quot x 7.75"
Binding: perfect softbound

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