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Sun Circle Haiku Calendar, haiku of Alexey Andreyev


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There is nothing else quite like this book anywhere — a compendium of the old beliefs, set beside contemporary haiku which embody them and bring them to life. If Bashō was right that culture begins with the rice planting songs of girls in spring, this is its modern Russian counterpart.

I was impressed especially by the haiku written by Alexey Andreyev in Russia.
— Kazuo Sato, Mainichi Daily News

entry for March 1:


her cat rubs up the legs

of every chair

Maremyana Kikimora. On this day, spells are used to calm down the female house spirit Kikimora who likes to spin and knit — or to tangle the yarn when she’s angry.



кошка трётся о ножки

каждого встречного стула

Маремьяна Кикимора. В этот день заговаривают домашнего духа в женском обличье — Кикимору, которая любит прясть и вязать, но, когда злится, путает пряжу.

ISBN: 9798626595352
Pages: 406
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Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2020

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