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The Color Blue, haiku of Alexis Rotella


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The Color Blue is a great channeling of the poet’s life — uninhibited poetry at its best.”

— — Tom Clausen

“Reading Alexis Rotella’s latest book is much like scrying into a mirror or pool of water. There is a simple frankness and transparency to her poetry that is universally insightful and appealing. Even when using imagery — whether a white rose desiring to be pink, or a butterfly “winging it,” the very real struggle of what it means to be human is brought to light.”

— — Terri French

“One of my favorite all-time haiku poets, Alexis Rotella lives up to all my expectations, and more, in this collection. She is the rare poet whose work displays a wide range of talents — wit (from biting to laugh-out-loud), resonances (from sublime to surreal) and innovation (from startling juxtapositions to unusual, but effective sequencing). Maximum stars.”

— — George Swede

     a little girl

          Letting go
          of who he thought
          I was

No one left
to write to
except the color blue

ISBN: 978-1-936848-98-0
Pages: 74
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: perfect softbound

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