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The Golem & The Nazi, haibun by Anna Cates


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“In Anna Cates’ haibun the lenses through which we both create and explain our existence — spiritual, mythological, religious, mystical, philosophical, histori-cal, autobiographical — are a kaleidoscope of collective and individual memories that she blurs and blends to illumine our paths. As one of her narrators/speakers notes, ‘Fictions rework logos, create time-warps to wastelands or paradisal plains.’ No matter where you end up, you’ll enjoy the journey.”
— Bob Lucky, Editor, Contemporary Haibun Online

“English-language haibun, a mix of prose and haiku,
has its origins in the work of Japanese masters like Bashō. There’s something about these little poems (haiku) accompanying the prose that makes haibun attractive to so many readers and writers who, like Anna Cates, come to it from other genres such as free verse, memoir, fiction and prose poetry. As yet in its early stages of development, one finds a variety of inventiveness in style and content in published haibun. Cates’ book reveals that she’s one of the best experimenters in the genre.”
— Ray Rasmussen, Editor-in-Chief, Haibun Today


A single image floats in a banana boat down a mighty river. The barracuda don’t mind, nor do the villagers fishing for barracuda. It sails down the river, falls into the sea, and there it lives forever . . .

          dwindling jungle
          the lost gold
          of the gods

ISBN: 978-1-947271-48-7
Pages: 118
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: perfect softbound

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