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This Once: haiku of John Stevenson


“Among the many phenomena in the world that hold John Stevenson’s interest and capture his attention is the human mind and how it works.”   — Patricia J. Machmiller


“Stevenson just “this once” explores the emotional tenor of moments “almost always almost” what we make of them, offering us one probing answer at a time to the question: Just how small can a short poem get and remain big? He mines the apparently trivial, the slightly ironic, the hardly felt to craft a wholly original take on our solitary age and his.”

— Michele Root-Bernstein

lilac days
what scent can do
is done

not speaking the language I smile hard

pulled by

the Christmas cookies
I know she made

ISBN: 978-1-958408-23-0
Pages: 94
Size: 5.25″ x 7.75″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2023

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