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Unsaddled: Haibun of Lynn Edge


Some main streets go through structural and financial changes for the better, other, as in Lynn’s Main Street are frozen in time, slowly eroding from the elements and neglect. While our main streets go through changes, their similarity lives in our memories. Lynn’s Main Street is reflective of that. — Collective comments of the Central Valley Haiku Club


Lynn Edge writes with extraordinary sensitivity about her life in Texas as shown in these wonderful lines from one of her haibun?–?”Western historians write about the noise restless cattle make when their horns collide. I know that sound.” At the end of this poignant collection of personal experiences in Small Town Texas, Lynn opens the door to a new and brighter season. She moves away from the past and steps towards whatever Life may bring.

Main Street

parallel parking
in old downtown
I circle the block

This building was once Cole’s Clothing, then a senior citizen center, now a restaurant. The waitress seats my husband and me near a window. Looking across the street, I study the vacant buildings. During the last fifty years, the business district moved to the by-pass, but I recall the names of the abandoned stores. The Specialty Shop. Wyatt’s Jewelry. Sterling Drug Store.

boarded-up bank
the display clock
still at three

I can see the old movie theater on the next corner. My husband notices it also, and reminisces, “When I was Scout Master, we walked twenty miles to earn a merit badge and see a movie. I had two black boys in the troop. They started going to the balcony, so the rest of us followed them up the stairs and sat in the balcony too.”

wind shift
an old marquee
without any letters

ISBN: 978-1-947271-96-8
Pages: 108
Size: 4.25″ x 6.5″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2022

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