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What Weathers, What Returns: An Anthology of the Broadmoor Haiku Collective


“Through the tangled woods and scudding clouds, to ‘the random tilt of nesting boxes,’ the Broadmoor Haiku Collective, in What Weathers, What Returns, magically captures the true essence of haiku with ‘just a few downstrokes of the brush.’”
— Robin White (Editor,  Akitsu Quarterly)


The Broadmoor Haiku Collective, one of the premier haiku confederacies in English-language haiku, offers its first public anthology. Edited by Kristen Lindquist. With an Afterword by Hannah Mahoney.

“Having admired the individual work of each member of the Broadmoor Haiku Collective, I approached their premier anthology with high expectations. That anticipation was matched and exceeded by this collective work. While retaining the individual voices of the poets, it reads like the work of a community, describing an imaginary village and countryside that I would very much like to visit.”
— John Stevenson (Managing Editor, The Heron’s Nest)

swamp water
the proper nouns
we haven’t yet invented
     — Brad Bennett

               winter grasses
               the random tilt
               of nesting boxes
                    — Alan S. Bridges

crane dance —
just a few downstrokes
of the brush
     — Judson Evans

               picking up
               where we left off . . .
                    — Kristen Lindquist

first warm day
a turtle rests its chin
on the one in front
     — Hannah Mahoney

               in my dreams
               our childhood house
               upside down
                    — Jeannie Martin

suspecting mine
is the placebo . . .
January moon
     — paul m.

               side canyon
               light pours into
               a canteen
                    — Tom Sacramona

what weathers
what returns
     — Mary Stevens

ISBN: 978-1-958408-24-7
Pages: 120
Size: 5″ x 7″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2023

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