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yards & lots: haiku of Jack Galmitz


“It is sometimes said that the poet’s job is to give witness to suffering and to the conflict inside oneself and in the world. Are they different? And yet this world is, at times, almost too much to bear. Almost. It is astonishing that in poems as brief as these, Galmitz has shown not only how much can be borne, but in a willingness to keep his eyes and heart open, the possibility of reconciliation. These are poems of both tragedy and transcendence.”
— Peter Yovu


“When yards & lots was first released in 2012, Jack Galmitz had long been experimenting with a multitude of stylistic approaches to the genre presented in a number of registers, at times objective or more image-driven, versed in tradition, and others grounded in the avant-garde. Still fresh and poignant, it can be seen as a landmark haiku collection by an important poet at the height of his practice.”
— Paul Pfleuger Jr.

  my inner world
a relief sculpture
  of a civil war

the yard: a birdbath, a chainsaw

  in tenement rooms
the saxophone you hear
 when the moon is full



ISBN: 9798861358422
Pages: 84
Size: 4.25″ x 6.5″
Binding: perfect softbound
Year Published: 2023

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